Sep 262007
  • The Sun Moved:  And the nights are cooler, and football’s on, and even the Friday night game is good this week!  Yep, it’s fall.  We’ve arrived in my favorite season.  Time for the Big Spring Jam, too…
  • Unfortunately, It’s the Lamest Ticket Yet: The Big Spring Jam is the weakest so far. We’re still going one day, anyway. Lea and I first flirted at the Jam. Plus, I’ve never missed one, and now that we’re up to 15 of these, that’s pretty cool. But come on, organizers. Let’s do a little better for Big Spring Jam XVI, okay?  The Lionel Richie-less Commodores are only so compelling.
  • He’s Not That Kind of Guy: I sold Costco’s advantages over Sam’s to Carey most of the way there last week. Turns out we went on the day that they had some goofy wolf-head (or something) mascot roaming the aisles and messing with the customers. Carey was forced to high-five him as we waited in line, which swiftly and unrecoverably killed any prospect of him ever becoming a member. (Really, folks, it is pretty obnoxious. Don’t make Wacky Wolf Guy be there the next time I am.)
  • Halo 3 Came Out Yesterday:  Today for me, though. I pre-ordered it on partially because I was mildly concerned about supply, but mostly because the thought of being part of the throngs was roundly unappealing.  I’ll go open the tantalizing box in the foyer in a little while.
  • We’re Saving the Earth and Shit: We have a programmable thermostat, and we use compact fluorescent bulbs. We also use those water-saving toilets that you have to flush four times.
  • There Wasn’t Much Golden Zone Overlap There: Nathan is now sleeping soundly enough that he doesn’t awaken easily when it’s necessary to move him (from the couch or the car, for example). He now also weighs enough that it’s increasingly difficult to summon the necessary finesse.
  • Mojeaux‘Seester, I regret that I can muster only mild enthusiasm for the NFL, particularly this early in the season.  Nevertheless, we’re buds, so I’m pulling for your beloved Saints.  Best wishes on your boys pulling up soon.
  • Go Have Some Tomato Juice:  It’s good for you.
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Sep 242007

“Can you believe this shit?!”

It was a beautiful November evening 14 years ago, and my sister Jenny was nearly yelling into the telephone about, ummm…what?

Ah yes; the game.  Earlier that day, LSU had ended Alabama’s unbeaten streak at 31 games.

“Well, sure,” I replied.  “Did you think we were never going to lose again?”

“No, but…”  Etc.

It’s been interesting to me how much of that incredulity at the idea of a loss translated to the Saban era after just three games.  “Why, who’s to stop us from being 8-0 going in to play LSU?”  Admittedly, I got excited too.  After picking Georgia as one of our losses before the season began, I was talking about a 10-point Alabama win last week.   I knew we had a thin defensive line.  I knew Mark Richt was practically invincible on the road.  I knew his quarterback was dangerous.  It didn’t matter.  Did you see that Arkansas finish?  We can do it!  We’re that team!

We’ve got a lot of that team in us—far more than I’ve seen in the past eight years or so—but even that team drops games from time to time.  Obviously I’d have rather won, but as losses go, it was fine.  We lost the way winners lose.  We didn’t give the game away with blunders, and we didn’t lack heart.  We just lost.  Happens sometimes.  Coach Bryant was at the Capstone for 25 years.  Know how many undefeated seasons he had?  How about three?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are not going to win the SEC this year.  But it will come.  We may flirt with it next year, and things ought to be rather sweet by ’09.  For now, let’s enjoy what we have:  a team that believes again.  We’re going to lose some more, but isn’t it nice to again have the confidence that our guys will bring their souls to the field, no matter what the ultimate result?

Things have sucked for a long while.  Let’s know and enjoy that they’re getting better.

Roll Tide to you.

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Sep 222007

Lax means loose or careless.

Lackadaisical means listless or lazy.

There is some overlap here. If you sleep at your desk, for example, you could accurately be described as lax or lackadaisical.

But there is no such word as laxadaisical.

It’s really going to piss me off if all of you cretins spewing this abomination from your cakeholes do so often enough for it to become an accepted alternative.

This error particularly bothers me because lackadaisical is never a necessary word. It can liven when used correctly, but it carries neither denotative uniqueness, nor precision, nor any other characteristic compelling its use.

There are plenty of nifty words that succinctly express something that would otherwise require a phrase.  I’ve always loved the word juxtapose for its economy.  Onomatopoeia is another good example.  Neither word describes anything particularly difficult to understand, but you’re up to five or six words to say the same thing without using them.

Lackadaisical fails that test.  If you’re using it, it’s 100% discretionary.  You don’t need the word; you want the word.  That being the case, you certainly do sound ridiculous when you botch it.

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Sep 202007

We all went out for Mexican tonight, and stopped by our neighborhood Books-A-Million afterward.  I already owned this month’s Dark and Stormy Book Club selection, and I’m a big online shopping junkie besides, but hey, who doesn’t like the bookstore?

As you can see, they have an extensive manga section.  I’m not cool enough to know what that means:

Aaron:  “Wow!  She’s beautiful!  She looks like you, Mommy”:

I picked up The Reagan Diaries.  I’ve been looking forward to reading it, and I haven’t bought it before now because my to-be-read pile is already about two feet thick.  Insult to injury, blah blah blah.  (Who was it who said/wrote something about the purchase of a book being the manifestation of hope that you would have time to read it?)  I also bought some watch porn:

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