Aug 182007
  • Pimp It To Me One More Time: We completed our first Dark and Stormy Book Club broadcast this morning, and I dare say it went swimmingly. Go check it out if you missed it, and join the discussion here.
  • Turn the Camera Off and Go Find Something Else To Do: I saw some link or another that led me to believe that some media figure was still talking to John Mark Karr, he who claimed to have killed JonBenét Ramsey, but who actually just turned out to be an incoherent lunatic. Why?
  • How I Know I Need a Haircut: I’m having to comb it again.
  • New Head-Over-Heels (Pun Intended) Celebrity Crush: This is Dr. Tracy Caldwell, on Endeavour as I write (the left photo is from orbit on Tuesday, which was her birthday too). She is totally babealicious:

  • Toronto: I went on business several years ago with two colleagues. We were there for a ridiculously short time—something like 38 hours—but we had a little bit of time to walk, have a Molson in the CN Tower, and the like. Two interesting sociocultural things I remember about Toronto: 1) There was outstanding and inexpensive Japanese food available absolutely everywhere. 2) It was the most freakishly clean large city I’ve ever visited. You could have bet someone $100 you could find a cigarette butt or a gum wrapper on the sidewalk in five minutes or less, and you’d have lost.
  • A More Perfect Hollywood Couple I Have Never Known: Mr. Vargas and Miss DiPesto were once married and have a son together.
  • Step, Step, Step: I’ve made it a week without smoking, as of 22 minutes ago. I can also tell I’m eating a lot more. I’m trying to counteract that by walking with a pedometer. This week my goal was averaging 5,000 steps daily. Next week, it’ll be 7,500. After that, it’ll be 10,000, where I’ll leave it for a while.
  • For Her Babysitter: Did you know that Carole King wrote “The Loco-Motion”?
  • ’57 ‘Vette in Arctic Blue: This is the first Travel Bug into which I put a lot of thought. So of course, some guy’s had it for nine months and won’t answer my messages inquiring about it. (My other one, turned loose with minimal consideration, has been all over the country.)

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  2 Responses to “Bullets”

  1. You’re right – I’m a straight chick, and I think Ms. Caldwell is adorable.

    I did not know that Schiavelli and Beasley were once married, and I have a strange capacity for such useless knowledge. You’re right about them, too – they just seem made for each other…

  2. I already knew you were cool, but a “Moonlighting” fan too??

    I loved that show so much, its theme song “Some walk by night” was in heavy rotation on my set list at the local piano bars…


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