Jul 092007

First there was one blade. Then two. Then the escalation began in earnest, with manufacturers racing to be first to market with three- , four- , and (currently) five-bladed disposable razors.

Now Gillette has exercised the nuclear option in the blade wars, introducing the Gillette Fusion Gladiator this morning. The Fusion Gladiator features 50 blades, as well as Gillette’s signature “Lubrastrip.”

“With the Fusion Gladiator, you can now use 50 blades, all with Gillette’s trademark comfort and closeness, to shave your face with two strokes in two seconds,” boasted Gillette vice president of product development Anita Stiptick. “Or shear sheep!”

The Fusion Gladiator is available now and carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $3.99. A powered version, operating on 4 D-cell batteries, is expected this fall.

Despite this seemingly insurmountable blade count, at press time Schick representatives would neither confirm nor deny that they were about to introduce the InfiniShave, a disposable razor that can be made as long as the user likes with modular blade extensions (sold separately) called InfiniSlices.

Thanks to www.yetanotherblog.de for the original image. Raster hackjob by me.

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  2 Responses to “Cut your morning shave to two seconds”

  1. oooh. So is there a disclaimer on the package that they are not responsible for medical bills due to blood-loss from these things?! I cut my leg shaving on time with one of those 3-banger blades right on the and it took 4 hours for it to stop bleeding.

  2. You should lead a more sedentary lifestyle. Then you’ll have less blood flow in your legs, and it will stop sooner. 😉

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