Jun 152007

The boys and I went to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center this afternoon after lunch and had a marvelous time. Mommy was invited, but also had the option of enjoying some solo time, of which she indeed availed herself.

Nathan and I went a while back, and had a blast. Lately Aaron’s been fascinated with the space shuttle, so it seemed like a good time to take both boys.

The new indoor home for the Saturn V is coming along nicely. For now, it’s still outside. As impressive as the vertical model is, the (genuine) rocket seems even more massive down on the ground.

It was fairly busy today. Nathan and I went in the fall before, and almost had the place to ourselves. We’ll probably stick to non-summer attendance from now on.

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  1. My husband took the kids there and/or the train depot to get them out of my hair on saturdays. They loved it.

    I have a yummy lite meatless 15 minute pasta meal for you guys when you need something easy – I’ll email it. I just remembered it when I got home and only had 10 minutes to cook a suitable dinner!

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