Jun 282007
  • Cierra wants to be my MISTRESS OF THE DARK!!!
  • Let’s see…adding all of these up, I’ve been pre-approved to borrow approximately $47 million.
  • I’m missing an outstanding online jewelry auction.
  • I’m a click away from making my dream kitchen a reality.
  • Miranda has hand-picked more than 200,000 videos that are guaranteed to satisfy my “big tit fetish.”
  • Select Christian Debt Trust wants to “help me get back on the chosen path.”
  • Nannie was apparently told that I was looking for marketing databases of the medical community.
  • I’m not quite sure what Cassidy is up to, but she tells me she’s “pSMOKIN l HOT rLADYBOYS fgTRICKING THESE xUNSUSPECTING b GUYS INTO msSEXbw!”
  • A $300 Visa gift card is mine to keep pending participation.

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  3 Responses to “Having a gander through the Junk folder…”

  1. but Miranda said she hand-picked more than 200,000 videos for me. Uh. She’s such a faker.

  2. Any good penny stocks about to blow up?

  3. Brina: It’s a shame, isn’t it? After all, porn spam used to be synonymous with integrity.

    Jeremy: None of those lately, but I had a wave of them about six months ago. There must be something different about this latest wave of porn spam that the filters aren’t good at yet, ’cause I’m sure getting a lot of it lately.

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