Jun 302007

University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban’s contract is available for review online here. As has been widely discussed and reported, the terms of employment Saban negotiated are impressive.

I have reviewed the contract in detail, and I must say, I was surprised by some of the provisions therein. Here are a few gems I found:

  • No later than 10 am every Monday morning, or no later than 10 am every Monday and Thursday morning during football season, University shall place two one-pound bags of Funyuns on desk of Employee.
  • University agrees that upon Employee winning a second BCS national championship during the duration of this contract, the name of Denny Chimes, located on the south side of the Quad along University Boulevard, shall become Saban Chimes.
  • The University will provide or make arrangements for Employee’s use of sixteen (16) first-tier tickets to all World Wrestling Federation events occurring within a 100-mile radius of the University.
  • As additional compensation to Employee as Head Coach, during each Contract Year upon reasonable advance notice the University shall furnish or otherwise make available to Employee an AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter for a maximum of twenty-five (25) hours of flight time, with associated and reasonable fuel, munition, and ammunition costs also provided for.
  • University agrees that, in addition to all other associated incentive compensation as previously specified, upon winning a BCS national championship, Employee shall receive gentle kiss on forehead from both athletic director and president of the university.

Photo: AP.

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