Apr 102007

Feel the love!

The scene: Dad’s house, right after Easter dinner.

Dad: Hey, let’s watch the Masters! (changes channel)
Chris: Golf on television? Seriously?
Dad: My house, my TV (good-naturedly).
Chris: (sigh)
Dad: OK, what do you want to do instead?
Chris: Well, we could all go slam our penises in the car door.

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  5 Responses to “My stepbrother’s love for televised golf”

  1. Bo:(Loudly) Now let’s just think about what you would have been doing prior to that to get your penis slammed in a car door.
    Lea: (who is on the *other* side of the room with all the other females in attendance) Sharon, did you hear that?
    Sharon: Yes.
    Lea: What in the world are they talking about?
    Sharon: It’s better not to know.
    Bo’s stepmother and aunt: What??? What are ya’ll talking about?
    Lea and Sharon: Nothing. Nevermind. We better go check on the kids… I think we hear them calling us…

  2. Russ would simply be proud that we were around a tv when the masters was on and Dad wanted to watch. (We are normally having a family portrait made or a BBQ) Jenny

  3. Ok – off topic – but your current tag quote on your blog header is hilarious!

    We’ll be at palmer this friday evening. Your boy have a game?

  4. @lea: Bo’s stepmother is also his aunt?!? 🙂

  5. Greg, no it’s not that close of a family. The aunt and the stepmother are two different people. They just had the same reaction to the conversation. Need anything else explained, S.A.? 🙂

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