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At Brina‘s request, here are six odd things about me:

I’m not colorblind, but can’t pass colorblindness tests. You know those pictures made of circles in which you have to find the number? I always either don’t see a number or find a number that it says means I’m colorblind, usually corresponding with red-green deficiency. Obviously if I’m missing anything I don’t know it–that pesky “one set of experiences” thing and all–but I do see in color.

I like peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. Actually I like any two of peanut butter, mayonnaise, and banana, or all three. The peanut butter has to be creamy. I also like Worcestershire sauce with grilled cheese sandwiches, sport pepper vinegar (like what goes on turnip greens) on spaghetti, black pepper on cantaloupe, and barbecue sauce in macaroni & cheese.

I don’t like having my toes spread apart. The big toe separated from the rest, like what happens when you wear flip-flops, is fine. But I can’t stand to have my little toes spread apart. It feels very wrong. I keep them clean, of course, but I have to grit my teeth when I do it.

I didn’t get a cavity until I was 28 years old. For years I had called Lea, who has several fillings, after leaving the dentist and told her I had a cavity. And for years she didn’t believe me. So naturally she didn’t believe me when I called her and I really did have a cavity.

I can put my entire fist in my mouth. I can’t remember quite when I learned this, but I’m certain there was alcohol present.

I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me. Actually, I have. It’s a pretty nice place to be most of the time.

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  10 Responses to “Six odd things about me”

  1. I love having my toes spread apart. So much so that at my last mega-massage I opted for this treatment where they put hot stones between your toes. It sounds weird but it was wonderful to me. I knew Bo would think of it as some kind of torture(insert villenous laugh here).

  2. I can’t let people touch my feet.

    On the color blind thing. Generally when they say colorblind they mean that red/green thing, not that you see in black and white.

    Although my chem lab partner in college was one of those very rare people who saw no color. That was fun. You know those chemistry labs where you carefully add one tiny drop of something until the color changes?

  3. I’m with ya, saintseester, but I’m saying I see red and green just fine too–subtleties between shades and everything. (Of course, as I said, my color vision could be inferior to yours and I’d never know it. How could I?) If I have a minor handicap in my color vision, I can’t think of a single time I’ve ever realized it vs. the experiences of others except for those tests.

  4. Ahhh I see. I got confused when you said you see in color.

    I did know someone who had the red/green thing – he could tell if something was red or green, but not always be able to tell which it was.

  5. I put Worchestershire sauce in scrambled eggs and it is delicious.

  6. 1) I am an anomalous trichromat. I can see traffic lights properly, but not much between orange and light green. I can’t tell if a banana is ripe until I taste it. You can only imagine what Tennessee’s football jerseys look like to me.

    2) I think the bot that generates the word verification on this blog is trying to chat me up. Okay, I think they _all_ are.

    3) I went bald at 18, and didn’t stop growing until I was 25.

    4) At age 17 in summer league, I pitched a no-hitter and lost 1-0. Only walked three.

    5) I once took a point-blank 90-mph thrown ice cube for Hunter Thompson. Did he thank me? No. He told me to stop dissing the Book of Revelation.

    6) I grew up in a Studebaker household. At one time we had TWO.

  7. Unclaimed:

    3. Ain’t right, man! I’m stuck in-between. My hairline receded a bit, and I got a little thin on top, but it’s largely stopped. I’d rather it just go, honestly. I look too much like a Toppik customer right now.

    5. I’m envious. That is one of the all-time cool people to have ever been close to. I love that story (even from on your page from way back, I mean).

    6. Cool! Any Hawks or Avantis?

  8. Your peanut butter and mayo sandwiches gross me out.

  9. Sorry, Hedy. I think it’s a southern thing. My mom ate a couple a week. They grossed me out too until I tasted one.

  10. WOHHOOO!! Thanks Bo!

    Never heard of a PB and MAYO!
    Hmmm. I like Mayo and Bananna a lot though – my mom got me hooked on those… might have to try it.
    Lots of PB and a little mayo?

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