Mar 202007

From this week’s selection at PostSecret:

Incidentally, Rich Fields, not Bob Barker, says “Come on down!” But no harm done.

I look forward to few site updates as much as PostSecret. People send in anonymous postcards with secrets on them, and a couple dozen or so new ones appear every Sunday. Sometimes the secrets are hilarious; other times they rip your heart out. Most all of them are compelling in one way or another. The page is excellent, thought-provoking entertainment.

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  2 Responses to “PostSecret”

  1. I think I’ve seen the book i n Barnes and Noble?! Quite interesting really. Some of the secrets are rather horrible – but most are a chuckle-worth.

    come on now – dont’ you want to post 6 odd things about yourself?

  2. Done! I told you in an earlier comment I had to think ’em up first. 🙂

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