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It’s been quite some time since I really cared about the NFL, but Saintseester and her peeps actually got me a bit excited about New Orleans this postseason. Unfortunately they lost the NFC championship rather brutally this afternoon, though that 80-some-yard Reggie Bush TD was a thing of beauty. Hang tough, Saints fans; best I can tell, next year looks bright.

So Super Bowl XLI is the Colts vs. the Bears. Usually for the “big game” I can find something to hang my hat on and pick a side. Last year, for example, it was Shaun Alexander–the best running back who ever played at Alabama and one of the finest men in professional sports. If there’s not a ‘Bama player or two who gave me good memories playing, then I can pull for a team based on geography.

But I got squat this year. There are two SEC quarterbacks, but they’re Peyton Manning, whose skill I respect but who was an obnoxious and ungracious winner at Tennessee; and Rex Grossman, who was a pouty whiny cry-baby when things didn’t go exactly the way he wanted them to at Florida. I still remember him looking like he was going to cry at a no-call.

So I probably won’t even notice it’s Super Bowl Sunday. When is it this year? April 22 or so?

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  2 Responses to “Saints fall; no opinion on Super Bowl XLI”

  1. Imagine a world with the synapse-fusing spectacle of a QB with a “rating” of some imaginary number, achieving what other revered quarterbacks failed to do in their entire careers. The ideal outcome is a Bears victory AND a 6/25, 0TD, 1 or 2INT performance.

    Like you, I don’t really care about either team, and I just can’t explain why I’m pulling for this perverse outcome but… Uh-oh, gotta go! I hear the conductor calling now! It’s about to pull out of the station …


  2. I am very apathetic about this year’s matchup. But, whiney children do grow up, work hard, and become great people (look at me!). So, I will root for Peyton this time.

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