Jan 222007

The second of Lea’s pair of 1992 cats died Thanksgiving weekend, so we’ve been without an inside quadruped since then. We’ve been actively talking about another cat for a couple of weeks. Lea’s been steadily emailing me pictures of Oliver, a cat who’s been hanging at an animal shelter in Athens, for almost that long.

Well, she sent me one today, and I called her and asked her to go get him after she picked Nathan up from preschool. So he’s here, and he’s cool. (He’s lounging on Nathan’s bed above.) He wasn’t advertised as a Russian Blue, but he may well be (and if he isn’t, he’s got all that I always thought was cool about one anyway). He’s two years old and has been declawed. Lea and I had already decided against declawing our next cat, though we’ll certainly take one that’s already that way.

He’s affectionate, seems to be good with the boys, and is roaming nicely. (Seems appreciative of the elbow room.) And man, he’s a good-lookin’ dude, if I do say so. Welcome, big guy!

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  7 Responses to “Oliver has landed”

  1. Hey Man,

    I’m going to put a link to your blog on mine. Am enjoying your posts – the church sign one’s so GREAT!!!


  2. Aw shucks…you ain’t so bad yourself there, Brina Bat. Thanks.

  3. Love the newest addition to your family!

  4. “My cat’s breath smells like cat food.”

    -Ralph Wiggum

  5. Beautiful cat, he looks like he has a touch of siamese in him. I wish I did not have to give mine up last year for allergies.

  6. Thanks much!

    Saintseester, I am allergic as well. But we figured out when Lea and I were dating that I gradually built immunity to her specific cats. Same thing has happened with Oliver. First night wasn’t pleasant, but it’s been steadily better since. Got a bud with a cat? Might be worth a little research.

  7. […] never going to be a “cat person.”  Still, I love my cat more than I ever thought I would love a cat.  I was horribly bothered when he went walkabout.  I […]

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