Jan 152007

Both of my boys are into SuperFriends. We have DVDs and everything. Well, that’s what I was into once upon a time. How cool is that?

A goodly number of folks remember that Casey Kasem, he of the pop music countdowns as well as the seemingly improbably blonde and buxom wife, is the voice of Shaggy on Scooby-Doo. But did you know that he was the voice of Robin on SuperFriends? Another weird thing about the show is that he apparently got the nod for a lot of miscellaneous small bits too, like the voice of the computer in the Hall of Justice.

Nathan and I also have a lot of fun with the hammy narrator, doing an exaggerated impression of him over the theme music. And I’ll tell ya, the stories are pretty bad. A couple of years ago I’d remember the plots as comparable to the plots from the various live-action shows involving the members of the SuperFriends. Well, they’re nowhere near that good. The boys don’t notice.

I’ve thought it before in other contexts, and it hits me in this one too: the most tragic thing about the loss of youth is that it takes more and more to impress you.

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