Dec 202006

I’ve not been able to sleep awaiting the outcome of this monumentally important story. At last, I am at peace, for the first time in weeks.

Actually I just heard about it this morning, when it was leading the news for two hours. Now get your brain around that. It was leading the news for two hours. That is pathetic. And if you gave even the tiniest shit about this story’s outcome, you are pathetic.

Of course, this is lovely on a shallow, men-are-pigs level. I mean, if she’s still Miss USA then she’ll still get followed around, enhancing the chances of another hot girl-on-girl makeout session being detected. Hopefully someone will have the good sense to take pictures next time.

There’s a “Pop Culture is Filth” John Derbyshire T-shirt available. I might need me one of those.

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Dec 192006

She’s sure got rocking tons of both.

Sass Jordan should be the face of Canadian popular music; instead you’ve probably never heard of her. She made a little racket on the U.S. charts with “High Road Easy” in the mid-’90s, and a couple of tracks from Racine (“Make You a Believer,” “You Don’t Have to Remind Me”) got sporadic play on AOR stations as recently as five years ago. Now her records aren’t even released here, and she certainly never gets anywhere near the southern United States touring anymore. I had a chance to see her in Memphis in 1994, but I had the flu. I’d have gone sick if I’d known it was my last realistic chance.

An interesting thing about her albums is that there is little style continuity. She’s done a classic rock album. She’s done a straight pop album. She’s done adult contemporary. She’s done hard rock. The constants are her thoughtful songwriting and her otherworldly voice (very Janis Jopliny, but creamier and with more range). Her latest, Get What You Give, is poppy in places, but the main thrust of the record is blues. It’s been in the house all of three hours, so I’m just now getting into it, but it’s mighty tasty so far.

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Dec 182006

…was sparsely but entertainingly and engagingly attended. In previous years we’ve had 75 people come through in the course of the afternoon and evening; this one was less than 20. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. Weather was bizarre: 74 degrees, clear, with a light breeze. Not much of a hot chocolate day. Factor? Who knows?

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Dec 152006

Who would have thought Judas Priest would hit me harder in 2006 than ever before? I’m wearing out both Angel of Retribution and the DVD Rising in the East. What an incredible set and performance! Apart from Rob Halford briefly donning a ridiculous floor-length coat that makes him look alarmingly like Box from Logan’s Run, the show is pretty good visually too.

These guys have a few more pounds and a few more wrinkles (who doesn’t?), but they’ve not diminished musically so much as 5%. If old-school British metal makes you warm, pick one or both of the aforementioned releases up. You will be pleased. Remember to turn it down once in a while.

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Dec 152006

I was thinking Barack Obama might make things interesting in ’08, but sheesh, does he seem thin-skinned. That is not a characteristic that lends itself well to running for President of the United States, in case you hadn’t noticed.

He told Maureen Dowd (meowrrrrr): “So I just want to put you on notice; I’m very sensitive about, what I told them was I was teased relentlessly when I was a kid about my big ears.”

Um. OK.

“I just want to put you on notice”? Like, you’re going to take her outside and whip her ass if she doesn’t knock it off?

Dude. If you run for President, it’s going to be ten thousand times the level of “you’ve got big ears.” You’ll have hundreds of people all over you who will know everything from zygote to what you had in your Starbucks yesterday morning. You’ll answer for spitting on the sidewalk 20 years ago.

Sure you’re cute, but can you type? Dunno. I’ve not heard you say much of substance yet. But I’ll say this: you’ve got charisma, and you’re scaring the holy hell out of Hillary. That’s enough for me to desire your inclusion in the madhouse 2008 is shaping up to be. So let’s make a deal. You learn to make like a duck, water off your back, etc., and I promise I won’t say anything else about your ridiculously gigantic and obscenely protruding ears.

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