Nov 232006

So given my immediately preceding two posts, what do you think this one’s going to be about? Would you believe a bunch of hateful homophobic assholes planning to picket at one of the bus victim’s funerals?

“Gee Bo, what does homosexuality have to do with the tragic loss of life in a school bus accident?” I’m glad you asked. See, the bus accident is part of God’s ongoing punishment of America for being a sinful nation. So was 9/11. So was the West Virginia mining accident. So are any fatalities in Iraq. It’s a rather portable argument, see?

I’m told by my ubiquitous clandestine informants that:

  • The permit is for ten people, two blocks from the church at which the funeral will be
  • One local television station has stated it will not cover the “protest”; the others are likely to follow suit
  • The Huntsville Police Department has an excellent handle on the situation

That all sounds right, methinks.

The blackness of some hearts is deeply depressing.

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