Oct 272006

I read it speculated earlier today (can’t find where now) that Barry Bonds and the Giants wouldn’t come to terms, and then all the other teams would lowball him so severely that he’d be forced to take an 80% pay cut or so if he wanted to continue.

Suit me just fine. He’s already got a well-deserved asterisk no matter what happens. If he’s suffering the humiliation of being paid a fifth of last year’s salary if and when #756 comes, so much the better. Further, at this point, whether he’s guilty of juicing is irrelevant to me. He’s been an arrogant ass his entire career, and thoroughly defiant and evasive to some quite reasonable questions about what he might have been putting into his body over the past several years.

Comeuppance is a beautiful thing.

Not that I really care much, as a former MLB fan. They lost me with the ’94 strike. Still something nice about seeing a jerk get his, though.

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