Apr 182014

The eighth and final sinkhole Corvette—the 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06—was recovered last week. (And by “recovered,” I mean they’ve raised something that I’d guess most people would say was once a car.)

Photograph by the National Corvette Museum.

Photograph by the National Corvette Museum.


No attempt should be made to restore this car. A significant percentage of it is flat-out absent, and it’s not at all clear that any of the remaining carcass can be used. How much “restoration” has occurred if they replace 95+% of the car’s materials?

Display it as is indefinitely, or scrap it.

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Apr 172014
  • Blooming Bradford pears smell like stale urine.
  • Dad turned 70 on Monday. Happy Birthday! I love you.
  • My foot started feeling a lot better Tuesday afternoon. Had my first physical therapy session yesterday, and I have almost full range of motion and only a little swelling. We made another appointment for two weeks out, which I’ll cancel if this continues. After such a miserable Thursday through Monday, I’ll take it!
  • I came within 50 pages of reading Paul Stanley’s book in one sitting last night. It’s articulate, candid, and thoroughly engaging. It’s easily the best book by a Kiss member.
  • My Lenten vegetarianism is 94.2% in the books. I’ve been 100% compliant and I’m not dropping the ball now. Leaning against abstaining from red meat entirely after Easter, though I will likely cut my consumption significantly.
  • Tuesday’s freeze likely helped out with bugs, but it wasn’t cold enough for long enough to be as devastating as the late freeze five or six years ago.
  • One of my ubiquitous clandestine informants shared with me that Coach Saban was highly fired up addressing the local Red Elephant chapter this spring. He spoke passionately of “rebuilding” at Alabama. He was referring to attitude – players, staff, and fans. I was excited listening to the report of the meeting. The A-Day game is Saturday at 1. Roll Tide!
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