Dec 082016
  • Arrests in the Gatlinburg fire, thank goodness. There are 14 people dead, and more than 150 injuries. More than 1,700 buildings are damaged or destroyed. Try as adults, please.
  • Since I quit smoking, I don’t get as many colds, they don’t hurt as much, and they don’t last as long. But I certainly am ready to be rid of this one. Tomorrow will be a week. I’d love to wake up without it. You know those supercharged sneezes that are about 175% normal strength? Yeesh.
  • December’s been tough out of the gate for I’m sorry about that. It’s been a bumpy road. I hope things will pick up this weekend a bit.
  • True American hero John Glenn has died at 95. He was the longest-lived original Mercury 7 astronaut, so there’s a complete reunion. Go have a drink, boys! RIP and thank you, sir.
  • Dak Prescott is getting a little grief for referring to the Cowboys as America’s Team, and I think it’s deserved grief. Pipe down, young man. You’ve had a fantastic rookie season and great things are ahead of you, but you just got to town. You can’t yet casually throw “America’s Team” around.
  • Every Christmas break I say I’m going to straighten out my home office for real, and then I don’t. I’m seriously considering messing it up big-time ahead of the break so I’ll have no choice. Ditto the garage.
  • Hopefully we’ll sneak a few more mild days in before the door slams, but winter is definitely paying a visit tonight and through most of the weekend.
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Dec 012016

Should I have eggnog with Jack Daniel’s? Or eggnog ice cream with Jack Daniel’s poured over it? Florence Henderson has sadly added her name to a devastating 2016. RIP. Nathan is excited about getting his aquarium going again. Multiple mentions have occurred several weeks apart, so maybe we’ll give it a go. He didn’t do […]

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Nov 292016

Just climbed out of the bathroom with the family and the dog. Wow. We haven’t done that since the boys got all spindly. (And kudos to everyone for being reasonably sweet-smelling.) So we went from no significant rain for seven months to a line of severe thunderstorms with embedded tornadoes. It’s not over as I […]

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Nov 272016

I don’t remember Punt ‘Bama Punt. I was 19 months old, and though I do remember a lot from my toddler years, I was not yet actively following Alabama football. I feel like I remember it, though, because I’m treated to multiple viewings of it every November when the Iron Bowl is played. You know, […]

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